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Registration is limited to a single AV per author.

A montage can be presented to several editions of "La Coupe Lumière", provided that it has not been screened during a previous edition.

      The maximum duration of AVs is 12 minutes. 

The theme is free, however, the organizers, reserve their right to withdraw any AV presenting a misleading subject, advertising, or infringing decency.  The AVs themes must be “every public” type.

The competition is international. The language used for comments is free. If possible, no french speaking AVs should be subtitled in French. As a minimum they should be accompanied by a summary in French.
The output ratio of the AVs will preferably be 16/9.. The projector is HD, size 1920 x 1080 pixels, and we recommend using this size.
      Notes :
     Using other image ratio (as square for instance) is possible; it is however recommended to select an image height of 1080 pixels.

       The insertion of video sequences is allowed without limitation of duration.

    AVs may be submitted as :
- Preferably in video file (.mp4)
- Executable file (.exe), with at least 3 seconds visual and audible blank at the beginning, and automatic release at the end.

     Entry fee :

15 euros per AV.
The payment may be made by check, electronic transfer or PayPal.

For transfers from a bank account in France, use the RIB number below

Bank code          Branch code           account number                key

     18206                    00102                   44083364001                       40

For transfers from other countries, use the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) below :

     IBAN : FR76 1820 6001 0244 0833 6400 140


-If payment by check in euros, draft the check payable to “Clic Triel”.

Caution : Payment by check es allowed only in a bank located in France.

  - by Paypal


 Sending your Entry

The folder must contain the following files :

   * The AV file

   * The AV poster (vertically oriented, height 1080 pixels)

   * The portrait of the author

  • Fiche d’identification.
    *-* NEW1 The form is no longer to be transmitted in the file.
    *-* NEW1 It must be directly filled in by this link: Fiche - Sheet

     The entry files can be transmitted,
Either by downloading via a transfer site
www.wetransfer.comto the following email address :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


         -  Either by CD under padded envelope. On the CD, mention the AV title, the name of the author, the duration and the software (i.e. PTE, Proshow, Wings, M-object…)

The CD will be sent to the following address  :

Clic Triel- La Coupe Lumière

Maison des Associations

44 rue des Créneaux

78510 Triel sur Seine


The CD will not be returned to the authors after the competition and will be destroyed.

The registration will be considered finalized when all the elements of the entry folder are received as well as the registration fee, before the limit date which is March 23, 2020 .


 Any or request for information must be sent by email to the following addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 The organizers of the « Coupe Lumière » will provide to SACEM (French Association of Composers and Music Publishers to protect Copyright and Royalties) the statement of the Festival and will pay for the corresponding flat fee.

They cannot be held responsible for illegal use by authors of images, music or any extract protected by copyright.