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CLIC Triel, the photo club of Triel sur Seine is one of the oldest associations of the City.


The Municipality of Triel sur Seine, thanks to “Monsieur le Maire” and his team, has always supported the associations participating to the life of the City, among which is Clic Triel.

   In this respect, the third Festival of the “Coupe Lumière”, will take place in the city theater Octave Mirbeau, and the 4th prize will be the “Médaille de la Ville de Triel sur Seine”.


This sculpture named « Jeu » (game) was created by Max Le Verrier in Paris in the Art Deco period, 1925-1935.

   This image of “Jeu”, part of the Dancers collection was accepted by the heirs and legal successors of Max Le Verrier to be the symbol of the “Coupe Lumière”.

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The hotel restaurant CAMPANILE Villennes sur Seine, reception 24h/24, 7/7, gives his support to the festival of "La Coupe Lumière".