The 2019 jury

2018 juge barbara

I am Trielloise since 2008, and professional photographer since 2014.

I was born in Alsace and I made my first year of cap photo apprenticeship in 1999.
In 2014, I took the opportunity to make my passion my job, by creating Family Portrait.

Portraitist is the heart of my profession, but above all I am passionate about image, black and white, art and human values.

Today, I have the honor of being a member of the jury for "La Coupe Lumière", a new experience for me in the world of the image.




I discovered photography thanks to a mathematics teacher in 5th class

Later, it was at my parents' house that I was able to create a little photo lab too.

I saw my first slideshow at a photo show in Paris.

The slideshow came as soon as the time for retirement came. It was through the photo club, and the digital, that I started to mount some images.

My "production rhythm" is very slow (a slide show a year ...), but I'm a fan of this medium.

I am currently president of an association that organizes a photo exhibition and a gala slideshows. The organization of it makes me discover many montages.


2018 juge alain


2018 juge Ch DANGELO


Charles D'ANGELO

Member of the IBM Paris Photo-Club.

Diaporamist since 1980, I only showed my montages to my friends, without taking part in contests.

I went digital in 2008 and began three years ago to present my montages to inter-regional competitions, the Paris competition and the Triel Light Cup.

It is from my travels around the world that I conceive my creations.
My palmares:
3rd with "Rügen" in 2017 at La Coupe Lumière in Triel,
1st at the Inter-Regional in 2018 with "The Demon of Dochula"