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The 2015 jury

Claire Bouchez

I used to be a librarian and a literary translator and of course I am addicted to reading novels. I love literature, the cinema and travelling.

I have been an amateur photographer since my childhood.

10 years ago, I discovered the art of making diaporamas which combines technical mastery and creativity and I was immediately interested. I took part in the “trophée de Paris” competition as a member of the jury in 2012.

Claire Bouchez

t is only since I was retired that I have seriously gone in for the slideshow.

Before that, because of a lack of time, I used to line up photos with music in the background just to keep the memories of my travels alive.

But, most of all, I like it when a slideshow tells a story, so, I may add some drawings in my slideshows when it is necessary. For example, if I need the photo of a taxi in a street of London in 1925, I will draw it.

Roger Banissi

roger banissi


For many years, Christian Tétard used to work with masters of the photography such as Henri Cartier Bresson and they had a great impact on his life.

He was among the pioneers of the diaporama and he took part in the first European festivals in Epinal. In 1964, he got a job as a lab assistant at Pictorial Service ( Picto today) and then he became a black and white developer. He was in contact with famous reporters and photographers who worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Jours de France.

In 1976, he opened his studio in the Yvelines and he became a portraitist.

Today, he still devotes all his time to his passion.

He is also a reporter for Unibeton and Hertz and he is on the competition spots patronized by the car renters: Roland Garros, le Marathon de Paris, le départ du Dakar and les 24 heures du Mans.

For 40 years, he has worked in the same region as a photographer, a painter and a communicant.

Christian Tétard